Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm moments away from receiving a residency card, which will give me the legal right to work in Spain! It's quite a complicated matter being an American working in Spain. Work visas are almost impossible to come by, as you muct get an employer to file all the paperwork for you, then return to the US to actually get the Visa..etc. Most Americans here end up working a bit illegally in academies or private English classes. I'll post more on that later.
But, now that I have my papers, the opportunities are limitless...well not quite considering Spain is suffering from higher rates of unemployment than the rest of Europe. But, being a native english speaker with a teaching degree in languages I do have some advantages. I can't work at a public school unless I do oposiciones-formalized tests that you have to take to be considered for a secure funcionario job-after this teachers have to continue taking tests and racking up points, at the risk of being moved from one school to another each year depending on their scores, until one day they reach a level and get a permanant position. I, however, I have taken my CV's to the private schools in Santiago, where being privately funded they can hire whom they choose. I hope they are looking for an English teacher and they choose me! If not there are always other plans in the works such as translationwork or a private academy. Wish me luck!

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laura said...

good luck!!!
or you can just move back here and get a job, ha.

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