Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm back!

After a few lovely flights and a megabus ride (that I nearly missed), I'm back in Michigan! Just in time to celebrate my mom's birthday and my good friend's baby shower!! I've already made a stop to target...and can't wait to go back to really take some time to look around and consider adding a few more little things to the registry list!
I also wanted to take the chance to share that flying with Aer Lingus was great! I was a little unsure about the company as I dont know many people who have flown with then and their prices are really good (my flight was $350 one way madrid to chicago!) but if you are looking for cheap flights to Europe check out their website and prices. The flight was excellent, the food was pretty good for airplane food, they gave out scones and tea, and we had the personal TV's with a variety of movies, TV shows, and radio. And, Irish people, the few I met in the airport (customs, perfume store, and flight attendants) are really nice. So fly Aer Lingus if you can.
And finally, I'm watching the Today show, and they are about to have a little bit on Tapas! They have a big leg of jamon...let's see what they say.

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