Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding parties!

I've been in quite a few weddings, and being a bridesmaid is always fun, but there is the same dilemma at the end of the party with what to do with the bridesmaid dress! We always say, I can make it shorter to wear it again...but who really does? The last wedding I was in, my beautiful friend decided on a modern ceremony at an art gallery and our bridesmaid dresses could be the black dress of our choice. I got a little strapless Gap dress that I love and can still use again, and the look was great to see each of our styles on display. The next wedding I'm in, other than my own, I'll be maid of honor. I remember always having the idea of a Zac Posen purple dress with pompoms on the hems as the perfect maid of honor dress...but alas I'm still not quite rich enough to afford that. This bride has decided to be quite modern also letting us choose our own dresses, colors, etc. I'm planning on using a purple vintage grecian gown of my mother's. When it came to my wedding, I was always saying that I wasn't going to have bridesmaids, just my maid of honor was the witness to sign the papers. But, when it came down to it, it was so important to have my sister and my best friend by my side in the week before the wedding at that day. I'm so glad they were my madrinas. Another very special friend of mine who is now living in Barcelona also made the trip out to Santiago for the wedding, and the day of the wedding it was wonderful to have her there. But being that they weren't official bridesmaids, I didn't really give them any guidelines on what to wear except to look guapas, and they did. With no planning they all wore short dresses in a bright, happy color scheme with hot heels. Diego's brothers wore cute modern cut suits with skinny ties. In the end we had a really chic stylish modern wedding party that made everyone in the Plaza Obradoiro talk. It pays off to not be picky!

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