Monday, June 8, 2009


I ended up doing a special scent on the day of the wedding. I wasn't planning on it, but a very sweet girl working at sephora who helped with the makeup choices offerend me, my sister, and my best friend free perfume samples. I ended taking Miss Dior Cherie Eau...yummy! A fresh, light, sweet scent of strawberry leaves, Jasmine, caramel corn, and Patchouli. Strange but lovely.

On the day of the wedding I ended up not using Miss Dior Cherie, and used a magazine sample of Theirry Mugler Angel Sunessence a warm bergamot, sweet hibiscus, chocolate, honey, patchouli scent (strange but lovely, again).

I've started using the Dior Cherie as a daily scent, a new married fragrance...haha, I do feel like I'm floating with balloons now. But, I do still want the Angel fragrance too. I think I'll get them on the return in Chicago and take advantage of the strength of the Euro compared to the Dollar. I'm excited!!

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laura said...

the commercial and the cute little bottle make me want it even more.

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