Monday, September 29, 2008

Cabin fever

So, the life of not really having anything to do can be really dangerous when you finally have internet and a phone line connected. I ended up getting sick this week with a cold, and that combined with the accident of about 3 weeks ago when a wooden bench fell on my foot causing quite a nasty looking bruis and probably breaking my toe, made me homebound with a bad case of cabin fever last week. While others went to work, I sat at home reading the newspapers in Spanish and Galician, watching "Se lo que hicisteis", the it show for the siesta hour (kind of like a weird transformation of "The Daily Show" and "The Soup" focused on celebrity gossip shows and with a pretty blond female host, haha), and then by 5pm, with at least 4 more hours until anyone was off work, feeling like I was going to lose it. But on Saturday, Telefonica finally came and installed internet, and since then being homebound has been too much fun. I've found episodes of travel shows, websites with delicious recipes, easy to access news videos, the many joys of perusing friends photos on facebook, reading all my freinds blogs, etc, and suddenly there aren't enough hours between 4-9pm...hahaha. Well, my cold is almost gone, my foot is getting better (probably due to the fact that now with internet I'm not trying to hobble around my house), and I've found many many new ideas for how to spend my time until my work papers come through...I'll share some of them, but more of Spain right after lunch. Provechito.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In Santiago de Compostela there are a few different kinds of people, some tired, sweaty, and relieved to have finally made it to the end of their journey on the Camino de Santiago, others busily walking through the stone streets to their jobs or homes or favorite bar, and some like me, who aren't at the end of a pilgrimage and aren't busily going from one place to another with a goal in mind, but are quietly sipping coffee, admiring the plants growing out of drain pipes and building cracks and wishing on window displays in Zara. Until I have a job, and I will have a job soon...although being American and working in Spain means there are miles of paperwork to complete... I'm going to enjoy being the person who can watch and wander and not be completely sure of what she is going to do in an hour.

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