Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From the Farmer's Market

I'm back into wedding mode, planning wedding #2 and thinking about what flowers to use here. The flowers in the Spanish wedding were simple and fun. Purples, greens, and white daisys. But beyond the choice, the event of getting the flowers in the Farmer's market in Santiago on a rainy morning was also part of the encanto.

We went on the Tuesday before the wedding, to "order" the flowers. But the order was more like telling the lady we like these and these, and her telling us, "I'll bring extra bunches of those and some of these othere things i think you might like, and some fresh leaves from my graden too, and you can take what you like." We also stopped by the ladies with their lettuce, rabbits, and eggs, and wildroses and orange blossoms, and bought a few of those just to have. The orange blossoms were so lovely and delicate and smelled wonderful.

Thursday, the rain hadn't stopped so we headed to the market on another rainy morning with some big mexican bags to get all the flowers. As she told us the flower lady had all the flowers and more, including the leaves from her garden that still had snails attached to them. We got bunches and bunches of flowers: zinneas, daisies, irises, paperlike flowers, another white kind, green leaves, and orange blossoms.
On the day before the wedding we made all the arrangements, the orange blossoms were looking limp so we did without them, and then we headed to the ceremony site to decorate. One a budget of just 50 euros for flowers we made the place look lovely, simple, modern, and elegant.

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Nancy said...

Hey I had not seen this blog; ) I love it, memories, memories...By the way the photographer did a good job;)

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