Friday, June 12, 2009

Hug a tree

Since I started thinking about the Michigan wedding I have been wanted tobe sure to be eco friendly. I'm planning on using potted perrenial flowers as the table centerpieces-beautiful flowers that can then be planeted in my mom's yard and come back year after year. We are going to the Detroit Eastern Market this weekend to see what we find. And when thinking of favors I started thinking about the tree seedling idea. I've always been crazy about trees and to think that we can give a little seedling to each guest who maybe will plant the tree...I think it's a great idea. And in the sentimental vein, planting a tree that grows and strengthens with the years is a nice metaphor of what marraige is. So, I've been looking online and as I suspected the best deal is with the Arbor Day Foundation where you can get seedlings in a variety of tree types in 50 count bundles- if you are a member or not the price is between $39(member) or $60(non-member). A membership is only $10 and you recieve 10 free tree seedlings and any other little extras they throw in at the end. What a perfect cute favor! (but...beware shipping dates are limited!)


Kate Suchomel said...

hey!!! reading this post made me think of this paper that i really wanted to use for our wedding, but never did... i think its a little spendy, but super cool...

im sure there are other places that sell it too... its paper with wildflower seeds embedded in it so people can plant the invitation in the ground and flowers grow out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dianne said... fun! I'm a little worried now that the seedlings arent going to happen because of shipping dates :( bummer. But I'm still supporting local farmers and the earth in my flower arrangements!!

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