Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm crazy about sheets. It all started when Target started to have designers create lovely designs on quality fabrics at affordable prices a few years ago. Since then, I love sheets. As I was creating my mini-suitcase packable registry a few weeks I registered for about 10 sheet sets, I was a little out of control, I have edited the list since then. But, recently as I was passing Zara Home, I decided to step in and look at the baby stuff hoping to find a gift for a friend's shower...but what I found instead was a table with sheets and duvets for 5-10 euros a pack. Yes. I bought a little set. Super basic, but nice. Chocolate brown sheets with deep turquoise pillow cases and a chocolate brown and orange duvet. Diego thinks I'm crazy...especially since I hate the actual act of changing the sheets, but the job is so much better when you have something pretty to put back on the bed. (not the best picture, but you get the idea...)

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laura said...

Hey...I love this color scheme!

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