Friday, June 5, 2009

little changes...

I made a few little changes to the look of the blog...let me know what you think...

and I´m on my way to the number 2 is only a few weeks away!!

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Kate Suchomel said...

lady!! you saw wilco in spain!? how hip are you? :) youre pics from greece look amazing. ive wanted to visit greece for so long... and REALLY want to see santorini... some day. :) and yes, belize was pretty great. the water was georgeous.. im really glad we went.. its one of those places that i always had heard was great but never really considered going, you know?

anywho... again, im sorry i wont be at the wedding (no. 2). have the BEST time! congrats again. i cant wait to see you in spain sometime (maybe sooner rather than later.. haha.. i guess it all depends on how soon i land a job and start making some money again.) yikes!

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