Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wowsers! Didn't plan on going to rebajas today, but as Diego and I were strolling through town we stopped into Bershka to check on some boots I'd seen last week...and today they were even cheaper! They are both leather...and I only spent 40 euros (over 100 euros discounted)....should I keep them?
10 euros...metal detail is removable.
¡Guauuuu! No tenía pensado ir a las rebajas hoy, pero mientras caminábamos por la ciudad entramos en Bershka para mirar unas botas que había visto hace una semana...y hoy las encontré por menos todavía. ¡¡Gangazooooooo!! Los dos pares son de piel...y en total solo me costaron 40 euros (más de 100 euros descontado)...¿me las quedo?


Mickey said...

YES! and then send them to me! haha
love you

style-for-style said...

ooooo, lovely, I might take off the little detail but that's just me, dang that's cheap, lucky you!!!

Kristen said...

Keep them girl!! They are both leather, and only 40 euros?? You will get tons of use out of both pairs!

dianne said...

hehe...I think I'll keep em.
Mimi- i was totally thinking of getting you some too...but only one size 40 in each!
Laura-i love that it can be removed, I'll use it depending on the look!
Kris-Have you got any gangas in rebajas??

Nancy said...

I love them!!!!

Kristen said...

Mmm haven't been to the sales much...I went one day a couple weeks ago and found some cute necklaces for 70% off at accessorize but other than that, no. I think the sales are a bit different here. One day there was literally a line to GET INTO Zara. Maybe in a few weeks I'll go back out and see if there is anything good left...right about now there should be some good prices, right?

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