Saturday, January 8, 2011



I'm starting to like these Reyes...they were good to me this year! A pair of olive green rainboots, a cheese book-can't wait to make macaroni and cheese, and cheese cake, an electric blender-which I'll use to make that cheese cake, a subscription to Spanish Elle, and 50 euros to spend at sales!

Ya me están gustando los Reyes...¡me han tratado bien este año-unas katiuskas color verde oliva, un libro de quesos (qué ganas de hacer unos macaronis con queso y una tarta de queso), una batidora electrica (que usaré para hacer la tarta), una subscripción a Elle España, y 50 euros para las rebajas!

Another 2011 resolution...bilingual blog! Otro propósito para el 2011...¡el blog bilingue!


Mickey said...

Yay! I love the bilingual version and i'm so happy you are getting such good presents! i'm still waiting for yours:((( i hope it's not sitting in Ireland or something. lol

style-for-style said...

Love those boots, and now you are helping me with my spanish, ha
I'm still watching out for my little regalo, don't worry it will get here!

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