Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...

Hope you had a funfunfun celebration! Isn't a new year always so exciting? That said these are not new year's resolutions...but my plans for this new year...I can't wait!!:
Finally make a headboard for our bed
Learn to take better pics...manually!
Speak more gallego
Grow more vegetables
Learn all about Spanish it and write about it. Spanish wine too.
Restaurant reviews in Santiago...there are some hidden gems
Travel...especially Bilbao, San Sebastian, Italy, Prague, UK, or Paris...ahh...there's always Paris.
Drive a stick
Self teach a master's in Peninsular Literature with my private tutor
Buy some amazing investment pieces for my wardrobe...and other amazing not so investment things and wear it all!!

ok, that sounds good. What are your new year plans?

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