Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Aninovo!!

We got dressed to the nines (me in red lipstick and brocade and Diego in a suit!) to celebrate 2011 in Pontevedra despite Diego's flu. At midnight I almost ate all 12 grapes-they were the size of small plums...hahaha-next year I'm sure I'll get it and if not out with the grapes and in with the kisses- I have to admit I do prefer a kiss and clinking champagne glasses welcoming in the new year. Hope your celebrations were great, and that this new year is filled love.

Vintage in Pontevedra-no Zara!
Ps...check out these celebrations around the world! My favorites...the face painting and lights in India and the snow covered hats in Moscow.

1 comment:

Mickey said...

You look so pretty! I'm glad you had fun! I was feeling sick too but made myself go out! I'll put up my pics later.xoxo

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