Thursday, May 20, 2010


We've been working on the terrace little by little. Remember the before? Last summer we painted the walls "Mallorca" beige, bought the cute green chairs and table on clearance at the end of the summer, and enjoyed the little lizard my brother in laws got us adding a little bit of Mexico. This year we added the big table and chairs, and the plants. I'm really excited for our "huerta urbana" as they call them here-or our terrace garden. We're starting of small with tomatoes-regular and cherry, lettuce, a few herbs-rosemary, mint, and parsley, and pimentos de Padrón (a fantastic pepper native to a town in Galicia called Padrón- so delicious fried with a little pit of salt, and every now and then one is super spicy). I'm still looking for a little lemon tree and a few hanging plants to make the walls look more lush. Maybe some strawberries? or ferns? In any's time for a barbecue!
(early tomato plants)
(jasmin, daisies, and pimentos)
(lettuce and herbs)


Mickey said...

OMG! it looks so good! you and mom are gonna have so much fun!!!

Emily said...

I am in love with your terrace! You are right, some plants climbing up that wall will make it perfect! That table is beautiful! I want to have breakfast with you there!

style-for-style said...

WOW Dianne, this is amazing!!
I definitely need your help over here with my "huerta urbana"

Jordi and Kristen said...

Looks great! I'm soooooo jealous!!

Nancy said...

Me encanta!! I can't wait to spend time en la terraza con ustedes!!!; )

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