Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been lagging behind in my blogging lately, March is turning out to be a crazy month. This week Diego has been super sick with a fever of nearly 104 for about 3 days. He had to go to the doctors three days in a row! Pobrecillo! Today, he's feeling better. But, this week has made me realise I really should learn how to drive in case anything happens in the future that requires spur of the moment trips to the doctor.

The weather this week has been amazing too. It's like summer! The cafes have all put out their tables, women have traded boots for ballerina flats (yay!), and windows are open in almost every house I've been in. I'm excited. My fall garden has pretty much died, but I'm optimistic about starting a spring potted garden, window boxes, and fixing up the terrace! Comidas in the sun and margaritas in the moonlight will be so nice when it's finished.

My terrace, just imagine the possibilities!

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laura said...

oh I have...
it will be amazing.
some little lights, a lot of plants, a cute cute table and chairs.
a bbq.
and some of the wine bottle oil lamps that were on my blog.

oh and maybe a bar?

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