Friday, May 14, 2010


Living on the west coast of the Iberian Penisula has changed our vacation plans. The forecast for the weekend on nearly all the coast is rain and cold. Sunday and Monday the weather is supposed to change so we decided to put Portugal on hold this time and head down to the beaches of Pontevedra should the sun really finally come out on Sunday and Monday. I'm still loving having the time off...and spending these glorious days of vacation sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping, planning our urban garden with my man (fingers crossed to find a little lemon tree!), and catching up on blogs. My BFF is inspiring me with all her new projects as is the style from the lovely ladies Garance and Bartabac.

pretty pretty jewelry looks like it was all found in markets around the world-and I want an embroidered silk robe like this for sleepy weekend mornings.
The shoes, the ring, the watch, the jacket, the crisp white shirt, the beach...


style-for-style said...

ha thanks for the link, I love that last look, I want it all.
I just planted a ton of basil and I'm making moss milkshake, ha.
my little garden endeavors are coming along, post all the stuff you are doing!!

Mickey said...

i saw the jewelry pic too and wanted it and the robe as well!!! So pretty!

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