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lunes, 26 junio, 2006
I´m starting to get to know Querétaro more and more, and I guess maybe that means getting scared by the stories everyone tells. Yesterday I went to the Casa de la Zacatecana. The story is that in the 1800´s la Zacatecana moved to Querétaro with all her stuff and lived in this big house all alone because her husband was always gone on trips. So, she decided that she wanted to kill him. She got a servant to kill him in the night and lay his body in the street. Then she decided she better kill the servant because if anyone found out she’d be in trouble. So, she killed him in the house. Now the house is a museum and a legend in the city and if you go into the main sala, there is a glass in the floor where you can see the skeletons of the dead guys buried underground. Yikes! But, to make things worse the guys I was with had a door mysteriously shut on them while we were going up a tower in the house. The old woman who works there told us she has seen a few crazy things happen there. It was creepy...and I’m usually not one to care. Needless to say...I didn’t sleep well last night.
Other then the haunting, the city is great. My class is getting a bit more lively, it’s been slow to start...but Mexico time is great. Class starts at 9 and the prof doesn’t get in until 930. then at about 10:15 we have a half hour break. and class ends at 12. Pretty nice.
Well, I have to get to lunch. Yum! Nos vemos

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