Saturday, May 15, 2010


Garbage (or rubbish, if you prefer and as my work friends like to say) has been very visible this weekend in Santiago. The garbage collectors are on strike to get better working conditions-which hombre, I think they should get without a doubt. Their work is indispensable although we don't really notice until the weekend they go on strike and suddenly garbage bins are overflowing throughout the city and the amount of waste we create everyday is blatantly in front of our eyes. Seeing so much waste makes me want to change my ways asap recycling even more, reusing, and maybe even making a compost pile instead of throwing it all out, we seriously need to stop wasting so much. One of my favorite ladies put this video on facebook too-so cute and so true...time to change.

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Emily said...

yes! glad you posted this up too! we're starting to compost too! It's now a LAW in San Francisco that everyone needs to compost!

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