Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sitting room

We've been sitting on a small uncomfortable couch for almost 2 years's time to get a new one. We've had the Ikea Kramfors sofa in mind for a while, but taking a trip to IKEA in Porto with a vehicle to bring the sofa back can be complicated so we decided to head out to Milladoiro and have a look at some of the furniture stores there. We found this Teys Mito sofa with more pillows and a bit more price. So now, the we buy a designer couch for 300 euros more made especially for us? Or do we go down to Porto for the cheaper Ikea sofa? Anyone have the Kramfors sofa? Anyone have the Teys Mito sofa? Or those of you with Ikea do they hold up? What should we do??


Emily said...

hola DC!

We have an IKEA's the Karlstad in blue. I do like it, but I think you have to weigh out what you're looking for. My complaints: the seams on the cover are ripping in one of the corners and after almost 3 years the blue isn't as vivid as it once was. I'm bummed it faded so fast. It's still bright, just a bit faded. BUT it's held up to rough and tumble dogs and now a baby. It is comfortable, and I would rather have a couch like this so when Jack spits up or poops on it I don't feel bad that it's an expensive couch. ha!

not sure if this helped...I guess you just need to ask yourself if you plan on getting two crazy dogs or little Diegos running around any time soon! ;-)

Miss you!

dianne said...

Thanks for the advice, guapa! Still not sure what we are going to do...couches are all quite expensive! No dog or baby plans in the near future-but thats good to keep in mind when buying! We're still shopping...I'll keep you updated on what we decide, and hopefully have a new living room pic to put up soon! miss you mucho too...besitos

Mickey said...

we have an ikea couch here. it's really quite comfy, and since i heard you guys are coming here in the summer you should just get the ikea one!!! cheap and pretty sturdy for what you pay for.

style-for-style said...

Second hand IKEA couch is still going strong.
Plus, you can buy new covers, and wash the covers on most IKEA couches, which is better than buying a new couch.

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