Monday, March 1, 2010


Spain is not only a country with diversity in languages, but also with names. Since arriving I've been enjoying all the new names that go beyond the traditional María and Juan names we learn about in Spanish Class. Here are a few I've met and heard lately:

Girls: Amaia, Aroa , Antía ,Uxía, Aldara, Iria, Icía, Lúa, Nerea, and Nuria.
Boys:Airas, Xoán, Xoaquin, Xavier, Roi, Nuno, Lois, Aldán, Brais, Martiño, Nuño, Andoni, Caetano, Anxo and Teo.
(pronunciation quide-in Galician "x" is pronounced "sh"-most of the traditional "j"names use the "x" in Galician).
Which do you like?


maja said...

Amaia! Love it! if I ever have a baby, that will be her name

style-for-style said...

picking traditional galician baby names?? haha

Mickey said...

i was gonna say what style for style said!

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