Sunday, March 14, 2010


A little ode to everyone's favorite Spanish TV personality-Patricia Conde from Se lo que hicisteis. Pretty, funny, and with cute clothes that don't focus on displaying her assets, Spanish Elle online put together this little slideshow of some of her looks. Which do you like?


Mickey said...

YAY for Patricia! Our favorite spanish Brigette Bardot. Ilike the louis vuitton, the pink mini, the gray mini and the yellow asymetrical!!!! Now I have to go and buy some panty hose!!!haha

style-for-style said...

ahhhh she is wearing my jacket!!!
I just saw the michael jackson movie, and I really have been wanting one of those jackets.
bad bad bad.

Mickey said...

laura good good good!!!! I just got one of those jackets too! we can be twinsies the next time your here!

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