Friday, March 5, 2010

Rebajas wrap up

I'm kinda bummed...rebajas are ending. Yea, they lasted for 2 months, but you get accustomed to walking into the shops hunting for a treasure for 5 euros (more or less). I found a few really nice things this year-so in the coming posts I'll share a few of my favorite compras. To start from the first compra: a super sexy fits like a glove dress that I'm hoping to wear to some chic summer party with martinis or champagne this year-jaja, grometted grey ballerina flats, and black suede ankle flats-all from Zara.

Ps...isn't my bonsai cute?


Mickey said...

hubba hubba. that dress is crazy sassy! i want those booty things BAD!!!!

Mickey said...

if they have those in a size 9 i will pay you back when you get here in the summer!!!

Mickey said...

pps and your bonsai is the cutest! did the brothers get it for you?

style-for-style said...

love love love the last pair!

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