Friday, March 19, 2010


I read recently that although blondes are considered to be a little ditzy in the end most women who reach positions of power are blondes-like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Bachelet. One such blonde who also lived in the Cono Sur, like Ms.Bachelet, perhaps gained her position of power thanks to her hairdresser-Evita Peron. Maybe you watched the musical with Madonna. You know you've belted out the the song "Don't cry for me Argentina" once or twice. But, if you really want to know the story of Evita you have to read Santa Evita by Tomas Eloy Martinez- an incredible novel, report, biography, autobiography that focuses on the perpetual Evita- embalmed after death (four copies were made of her body for protection reasons) and haunting Buenos Aires and the lives of those who were involved with her after death. The book is an incredible weaving back and fourth of history, interviews, facts, and personal memories that will leave you in awe and a little freaked out by the magical realism that really permeates life in South America- and it will make you want to watch Evita for the first time or all over again.

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Mickey said...

wow. sounds good. i'm gonna have to check it out!

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