Sunday, March 28, 2010


Princess Letizia of Spain used to be a national newscaster. She used to be a married and divorced civilian. And then, she met the prince. And the rest is history. Since then she's become one of the most popular princesses in all of Europe, a lot of that has to do with her style and support Spanish style. When Carla Bruni came to visit last year everyone was crazy about how the Spanish princess showed her up. Madrid Fashion Week Cibeles has created a new tradition showing t-shirts that say "I'm a real Spanish fashion fan"("real" being "royal" in Spanish) in honor of Letizia. She usually dresses less formal than the rest of the royals of Europe, always wears high high heels. I know it's not really politically cool to like the royal family-but come on I'm a Leo- it's part of my character to like royalty-and I think the Spanish princess is quite a nice example of a modern princess-with great shoes.

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