Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's pretty nice to be sitting in the sunshine in a cafe in Santiago between classes listening to a little motown music, makes me feel at home. Last time I went home we went to the Motown Museum in Detroit. The museum is the house where all the ideas came to life, and it's a visit that can't be missed if you're in Detroit. My favorite part was acting like Diana Ross and the Supremes with my sister in the studio where they recorded (and see Diego be volunteered by the strangers in the group, "THE SPANIARD, THE SPANIARD!",to act like one of the Temptations). And if you do go, check the world map, the pin in the northwest corner of Spain represents Diego-he got to mark Santiago! So, what's your favorite motown song??

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laura said...

get ready there will be plenty of motown at the wedding

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