Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lost in translations...

I got my first translation job!! It's translating a literary copyright contract which, using lots of legal lingo, has been an interesting way to spend the weekend. And so, I wanted to sing the praises of just in case you haven't found this website yet. I used it a lot in my university days as it was sometimes easier to just type in the word than pick up a real dictionary. provides you not only with a translation but also with examples of the word in use (you can also submit questions of your own)'s been helpful.

Also, today is election day in Galicia and The Vasque Country. The last month has been a bombardment of campaigns everywhere-I've probably felt more bombarded that others since Diego has been covering the campaigns for the paper and nights out with his journalist friends provided non-stop political conversations. In my daily comutes throughout the city I also learned all the campaign slogans, most of which were in Galician, from the signs and postered plastered throughout the city- the constant exposure to the slogans has also given my Galician language learning a boost, even if my little Galician comes out sounding like a campain commerical!

Well, I must get back to translating.

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