Monday, March 30, 2009

here and there...

Hope you had a good weekend...I did.
-a Friday night at a baby shower for a lovely friend, who happens to be from my adopted Mexican hometown, Querétaro, married a Galician, now lives in Santiago, and is having a baby girl who will be named Frida and speak Galician. Cute!

one of my first and favorite memories of Querétaro, from my first trip in 2006.
-A Saturday of trans-atalantic phone planning, and my first attempt at making my mom's lasagna for a birthday eve celebration for Diego and a few of his close friends (the lasagna took much longer to make than expected...but was delicious, not a single piece was leftover, yay!), and taking a early morning walk through the "huerta," a few hidden plots of land tucked between streets and with an amazing view of the cathedral framed by stars.

-and a Sunday, celebrating Diego's day with a cake filled with candles, and some much needed rest time watching the viajar channel and getting lost in dreams of our future travels.

a little greek isle-Corfu.

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