Sunday, March 15, 2009

Location, location

Now that it is mid-March, I'm starting to get real decisions made about our wedding parties (one in Spain and one in Michigan). In Michigan the party will be at my mom's house in our beautiful back yard with the lake, pond, and woods as a background.

Here in Spain with the ceremony we are thinking that Diego's best friend's parents' restuarant, A casa de Ana, in Pontevedra will probably be the place for the party. It's a beautiful traditional Galician stone house with a cute little garden hidden in the back, perfect for drinks and maybe some dancing.


Emily said...

When in Michigan??? Perhaps our paths there will cross! My due date is bumped up, so that shortens my window of flying to Michigan this summer! Let me know!

Oh, and the restaurant sounds perfect!!!

Teresa said...

Two fabulous locations! You're so lucky that you get to have two celebrations, I'm jealous! Congrats!

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