Monday, June 28, 2010

operación bikini

I'm on the hunt for a new bikini (yes, operation bikini is in full force-although, popcorn and ice cream are still staples of my diet-I read somewhere that popcorn is all fiber and so good for diets and detox, and didn't the got milk people say that dairy products make your waistline smaller? Hahaha. I'm going to believe it.). I love the bandeau tops and the fifties inspired looks...searching for the perfect look and a reasonable price. Hope to update soon!
p.d. only three more days of work...!!


Nancy said...

OOOhhh when you get here I will introduce you to my new favorite snack, for what you say it has the best of both world...Cheetos cheese puffcorn yum, yum!!!

style-for-style said...

love these, but beware those higher waisted bikini bottoms are bad bad bad, but love the bandeau tops!

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