Friday, June 18, 2010


Have you been watching the World Cup? Spain is favored to win, although after their loss to Switzerland yesterday all of Spain is nervous. Maybe I'm too optimistic, or maybe I've watched to many basketball playoffs where a loss made the next win so much sweeter, or maybe I don't really understand the world cup like the rest of Spain, but I'm not losing hope. I'll cheer on USA too (I mean, we did 'beat' England...), but really, if I'm for any team it's got to be Spain. Anyway, Telecinco is covering the Mundial with special correspondent Sara Carbonera. A very pretty lady (see her style), who happens to be dating the captain of the Spanish team, Iker Casillas (muy guapo too). The media has been having a field day with their relationship, speculating how awkward their interviews will be and so on-oh the morbo- and the press in Britain has even blamed her for Spain's loss (ridiculous). I'm not really to interested in all that, but I do love how she's been wearing simple t-shirts and lots of African beads during the South Africa coverage. Next Spain game is Monday versus Honduras...¡estamos con la roja!

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