Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hay fever

I've spent the last 3 weeks suffering a runny nose, a stuffy nose, popping ears, non-stop sneezing and itchy eyes. After trying to self-medicate myself-which, it must be said, is not nearly as exciting as at home since you have to tell the pharmacists your sympotoms and they go back to the shelves and get even the most simple benadryl out for you-to no avail, I finally went to see the doctor yesterday. It's pretty fantastic to be able to go to the doctor's with no financial worries-and I can finally breathe after she medicated me with some strong antihistaminicos and a spray nasal. Luckily it's not a sinus infection. Also, in case you need to know here are some medical terms necessary for explaining allergy symptoms en español:
My nose is running-Me gotea la nariz or tengo mocos; My nose is stuffy-Tengo la nariz congestionada; I can't stop sneezing-No paro de estornudar; My ears are popping/stuffed-Tengo os oidos tapados; My eyes are itching-Me pican los ojos; and very important, Will this make me drowsy?-¿Tiene efecto somnoliento? or more casually-¿Me va a dar sueño? Let me know if you're interested in any other allergy phrases for future use or just to impress your friends.

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