Thursday, June 3, 2010

coming and going

I think I have a new hobby-gardening. Well, not sure if you can really call it that since my 'garden' is all in pots so making the work much less tedious, no weed picking or creepy crawlies in the dirt. But, I'm seriously loving planting things. We ate our first delicious batch of lettuce this weekend in BLT sandwiches and a salad-and the new lettuce is already sprouting! The parsley, rosemary and mint are out of control, now I'm searching to find some info about how to possibly dry them and have our own fresh herbs all year (maybe not the mint-can you dry mint?). Our tomatoes plants are getting huge and the first blossoms are already sprouting! I'm having so much fun watching them all grow-and I'm getting tempted to buy a few more veggies to try our luck.
But, with all this success, there's also been one failure. My bonsai is dying. It has been growing, green and lovely all year since last July. But then, last week I went to water is and noticed a few of the leaves were brown. I touched it and they all fell off-like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree...imagine the tinkling piano music and my shock. It must have got sick, because in a matter of a few days, all the leaves fell off. It looked like new sprouts might be coming, but they all turned dry and brown. I searched internet-did everything possible, but, no luck. There is now only one little green sprout and 5 sad leaves are holding on for dear life. Maybe there's still hope?

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style-for-style said...

so sad, my succulents just died too.
but the basil has come back to life, yesss.
plants are so fickle.

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