Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Concurso de balcóns

One of the most charming things about Europe are the flowers falling gently above the streets from windows and balconies. I was so happy to hear an announcement on the radio that each summer the Consello de Santiago sponsors a competition for the most beautiful balcony-one day they even offered free plants to the people who wanted to take part (I would have been there in the blink of an eye-but only residents of the old zone of the city can compete.). The balconies will be available for viewing and voting for from July 1-7. Can't wait to see them!


style-for-style said...

yours would win for sure, too bad!
Show us what the winner looks like, I need ideas.

Mickey said...

That sounds so pretty! You must take pictures!

Nancy said...

Yeah!!!! I will be able to see them.

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