Sunday, February 13, 2011

PB cups

Oh man, have to post these so I don't forget about making them sometime (this blog is turning into my online recipe file). They look soo easy, and any American abroad can tell you that peanut butter anything is greatly missed. Speaking of peanute butter, I can only find one brand here, Capitán Mani, and I do like it. Anyone else out there found or tried any other brands? Ohh and where the recipe calls for graham crackers, just use digestive cookies, and I'd probably change the muffin tin size to baby size, don't want to get too crazy.

Tengo que bloggear estos para no olvidar de hacerlos en algún momento (poco a poco esto se está convirtiendo en mi archivo de recetas). Pero, bueno. Parecen super fáciles de hacer-solo cambiaría el tamaño del recipiente a uno más pequeño. Cualquier americano fuera de casa puede decirte como nos extrañamos el "peanut butter". Solo encuentro una marca por estos lados, Capitán Mani, y me gusta. ¿Alguien fuera de USA a encontrado otra marca buena? Y una cosita más, donde la receta usa "graham crackers", hay que sustituir unas galletas digestive.

(Thank you Design*Sponge. Gracias D*Sponge)

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Kristen said...

There's a store here in Barcelona called DeliShop (maybe there's one in your area?) where you can buy American products including Skip peanut butter...but Mercadona also just introduced peanut butter over here. It's with the chocolates and nutella/nocilla over here. Maybe they haven't brought it over yet...but usually I bring a big old jar of peanut butter back with me when we go back to the US.

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