Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yeeeeer out!

I just caught the news about Republican congressman Wilson yelling out during president Obama's speech on Wednesday. I showed the video to Diego and he started laughing, saying that happens all the time here in Spain. It's not hard to believe seeing that debating, arguing, challenging, tertulias are the national pasttime here. But there was one case in particular that stands out in the Spanish governments recent past beween a diputado of the socialist PSOE(US-equivalent-Democratic) party and another of the Partido Popular PP (US equivalent-Republican). While in session deciding details of a certain bill, the PP representative started calling out negative comments toward the Socialist representative who was at the microphone-and was the 3rd most inportant man in the power raking of Spain at the time following only the king and president. As you'll see in the video, there is a three strikes your out rule in these situations in the Spanish parliament. The PP rep is given three warnings, and refuses to leave, the whole place is up in arms, the PSOE rep gets the book of rules out and starts reading the rules, people protest even going to the stand to try to ask him to stop, but in the end the PP rep has to abandon the room for his misbehavior. He is accompanied by applause from his classmates on the way out.

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style-for-style said...

What? there are only like 5 people there.

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