Sunday, September 13, 2009

Muxia, Galicia

We spent one of the last weekends of the summer being tourists in a little town called Muxia in the heart of the Costa da Morta in Galicia. After a drive of about 45 minutes from Santiago, through green hills and past stone houses with orange tiled techos, we arrived the rocky windy coast lined one side with energy creating windmills and on the other with famous rocks and a tiny little church (one of my favorite things about Spain is their acceptance and use of alternative energy sources, and while some might say the giant windmills you can see off the coast distracts from the natural beauty, it makes me feel a little better about the future when I see them.) It was a beautiful day, no clouds, just quite a bit of wind-normal on the this coast of Spain. While our plan to spend the afternoon was foiled with the strong winds (not affecting the beach day of the people who live in the area) we were able to explore the rocks and chuch, and see a tpical Galician wedding as the novios were welcomed out of the church with seriuosly pounds of beans and rice being thrown at them. Here's a little peek at a stop you should make if you ever come to the Costa da Morte.
Inside the little church, replicas of important ships that have left from this port on the Atlantic coast. The chuch in the back ground, and some lovely bits of the coast. Muxia has a long history, and this site in particular has spritual significance since the pagan cultures that inhabited these lands before Christianity arrived. In the Christian world the church is the home of the legend that after seeing a vision of the virgin, St. James was released from his mission and from here set sail back home. Rocky coast. This rock is supposed to be a test of your innocence. If it balances you are innocent. If it doesn't stay balanced...well...Another important pagan rock, this one supposedly cures illnesses if you pass under it nine times. It's a tight squeeze. The novios and thier photo crew, post beans and rice toss.

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