Tuesday, September 22, 2009

four eyes are better than two

Not only does fall bring about visions of university learning and apple pie and falling leaves it also means school shopping and in my case new glasses! As a kid the insurance covered a new pair once a year-mostly because my perscription always changed a bit-and around fall my mom and I and sometimes my bestest would head to the optical center and start the hunt for the perfect pair. Usually this was at least an hour of taking them on, taking them off, changing the color, changing the shape, or as is the case of my 16 year old glasses, going through the sunglasses in order to find the perfect pair of heavy plastic frames to make regular prescrition glasses. Much to my enjoyment, these heavy plastic frames are now the epitomy of fashion and chic...and since the leaves are starting to fall, apples are being baked, and Sunday meals have transitions from paella to cocido...it's time to have a look at the possibilities. I'm loving the idea of tortoise shell, slightly rayban wayfarer/1980's cool/sexy librarian shapes inspired by these pretty ladies I found on the sartorialist, female creature and trendycrew. What do you think?

or, what about a pair of clear frames by Prada?

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