Sunday, October 12, 2008



      Food. Maybe one of the best things about Spain? Well, aside from the fact that I am one of the few people in the world who doesn't like jamon serrano, I am open to try just about anything.
      Here in Galicia octopus is one of the specialties. Where I am from we usually only see octopus on the ice at a hockey game, so coming here and having my bf tell me we were having octopus for dinner, I was less than thrilled. But, in the end, the flavor is pretty nice, you just have to get past the idea that you are eating tentacles (they are usually cut into little pieces so its not a big octopus arm staring at you).
      PBS has a new show all about Spain, and one of the chefs who is featured on the tour is Mark Bittman from The New York Times. His blog, Bitten, has lots of great, easy recipes, and lately he has been publishing a ton of recipes from the adventures in Spain. I found this video recipe today, and thought I'd share it; if you never have to chance to try Pulpo Gallego in Spain, now you can try it at home.


Emily said...

My favorite part about the video was the intro with the little tomato man and the dancing mussels. And I like how he pointed out that the octopus serves 8. haha

I want to see pictures of your apartment!!! I miss you! Oh! Will you be able to go to Italy in November?

laura said...

So now we all know how to make pulpo like good spanish wives.

I promise I will try it next time I'm there.

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