Friday, October 24, 2008

Ole, Ole, Ole

Wow...this week flew by and I haven't written a single blog. Well, las clases particulares are going very well, although hanging out with 5-10 year olds has got me sick with a stuffy nose again. But yesterday I met the new family I'll be teaching who lives in Milladoiro, about 10 minutes driving from Santiago. There is a bus I can take out for 1.25 euros, and it drops me off right by their house, so I'm going to use that and the lack of parking available in the area to keep putting off learning to drive the manual car on the real streets. The girls in the family were adorable, and were hugging and screaming and inviting me to the country house for the weekend to sleep on the sofa bed within 5 minutes of arriving. I'm spending an hour teaching them, and a second hour with their dad who is an English teacher who just wants to keep up his speaking skills, so we spent an hour talking about house swapping. Now that I have a place in Santiago I'm thinking I should sign up on a house swapping website. A week in Paris, Rome, or London, without having to pay hotel sounds pretty good to me!

But, it's the weekend again, and to get you all in the Spanish swing of things here is a little video I took in Santiago last weekend. It was about 4 am, and this is the place all the college kids hang out. The theme of the bar is Independentista, meaning that it is the place all the kids wanting Galician indenpendance, Catalan independance, Basque country independance from Spain hang out. The walls are covered with the national flags and pictures of heroes of the independance movements. But, the drinks cost a little more and are half the size of drinks at other bars, and when the Gipsy Kings came on, yes the Gispy kings, all the kids started dancing like they love all things Spanish...
(and the pic above is a house I found while I was wandering around, obviously no one lives there now. and in the video, pardon my camera work)

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