Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In 2005 I studied abroad in Seville, Spain, the city most thought of for all things typically Spanish like flamenco music and dance, bull fights, the opera Carmen, and the delicious Spanish dishes called tapas (little plates of delicious food to enjoy as your having drinks). Eating tapas in Sevilla is a social event, you go from one tapas bar to the next sampling an array of foods and drinking a caña (small glass of beer) or a glass of wine at each place, and it's such a part of life that there is even a verb describing the act of eating tapas, tapear.
But, here in Santiago, I think they've made tapas even better...where in Seville we had to order and pay for tapas and drinks, here in Santiago all you have to order is a drink and a plate of tapas is brought out for you and your friends to enjoy on the house, and the plates keep coming with every drink! It's really a great idea. Free food with your drinks. Some places have better tapas than others, some always have the same tapa, some give you a choice and bring out what you want. Delicious!!
(Pictured above are orejas, yes...pig ears. I will get pictures of delicious foods that you'll actually want to taste soon, but as of today, this is the only picture of tapas that I have, haha. If you want orejas as your tapa you need to go the taberna called Orexas, I passed on these when we went there. Octopus I'll give a try, but pig ears...hmmmm, I had to draw a line somewhere).

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laura said...

hmmm, maybe you can be like Gweneth Paltrow and not eat anything with 4 legs.

pulpo has 8, fish have none, chicken have 2.

pigs have 4, sorry.

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