Wednesday, October 1, 2008

El líder de una nueva generación

It's a beautiful grey day in Santiago. A perfect first day of October. The only thing missing in my apartment is a pumpkin, so to make up for it I bought a squash at the grocery store the other day. My little botanical garden is looking lovely. In the herbs, the boraja is blooming like crazy and the basil is starting to pop up too. I also finally started working. Until the papers go through all the way, I put up signs (well, so far I've only put up one, but I will put up more once I can walk around) for clases particulares and have recieved a few calls to teach kids and adults by the hour. I taught my first class yesterday and it went pretty well. It's a great way to really be immersed in Galician life. The mother picked me up and spoke only Gallego with me, and in the house I met Grandma and the other kids, and everyone spoke gallego. It's a fair trade, I'll teach them English, they can teach me Gallego.
In other news, the presidential campaigns of Obama and McCain is always on the front or the second page of the all the Spanish papers. The debate last week was being discussed for days after, and the vice-presidential debate tomorrow is also much anticipated. It's pretty obvious who Spain supports...

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