Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hace calor...hace calor...

Well, actually, it's frrreeeezzzzing here. Last night on the news the first 10 minutes were all about the dramatic weather shift between yesterday morning and night, and they showed an image of spain with a giant white mass of polar air over it! It was snowing in Madrid and in the north (Cantabria, Asturias, Pais Vasco) and here in Santiago it was cold and misting. Amidst the cold, I have my radiador on high, and the door to the living room shut to try to create a warm space. But one of the joys of this old apartment is that when the radiador is on, pretty much nothing else works without the lights going out. If you want toast, better turn off the heater first or power will go out. Want to blow dry your hair, same story, turn off the heater. Watch tv and use the computer at the same time, turn off the heater. I think there is something wrong with the electrical connections, because a 2500 watt heater can't really be using all the electricity in a small apartment, could it? Last night in a span of less than 5 minutes the power went out twice...

But, in the end I'm keeping warm with big socks, blankets, tea, warm pj''s really all quite glamourous.

In other good news...I bought a ticket to visit a friend of mine who just moved to Barcelona last night, and it only cost one centimo!!! Yes, 1 cent!! I'm flying to visit her mid-november for a few days, then catching a plane to Dublin (which was also a steal), and then I'll be back in the USA for about 3 weeks to eat some delicious turkey, introduce the familia and friends to D and celebrate an early Christmas! That means, I have to start Chirstmas shopping here now! Time to put on the christmas music...

Ohhh...and to make the shopping a little less difficult on my wallet, I was happy to see yesterday that the euro dollar conversion has dropped about $.25 since I arrived! Instead of $1.50= 1 euro it's down to $1.25=1 euro!!

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Emily said...

Dianne! Bummer in all your travels around I will be missing you! I am glad though that the Euro-dollar situation is a little better! Just a few days and I will be in ITALY and FRANCE!

miss you!

Oh, do you read my blog?

Not sure if you knew about it!

talk to you later!!

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