Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Silver lining in every cloud

Summer in Galicia has been very grey. Today it is humid...bochorno...but it's a bit cool. Summer dress with a cardigan weather. I've also had quite a decrease in classes, everyone is on vacation. Or sitting in their apartments watching tv series on DVD like me. I started watching Lost. I'm on season one. A little behind. Diego is crazy about it, and with this upcoming fall being the last season. I figured that with so much time on my hands, so little money in my pockets, and so many clouds in the summer sky I will get caught up so we can watch the finale together. I'm almost finished with the first season, Sawyer just got his glasses.

I took the opportunity to get out of the house today, taking a resume to another private school today, looking for a gym that ended up being just too far away to walk to, and looking for distance learning programs to get a translation certification. I hope to start a program in the fall. I still feel like I'm getting started in the city sometimes-summer makes me feel it more. With all this down time again the need to get a real job and make more friends is even more evident. So I really need a job with co-workers or I need take a class and meet classmates...or I can keep my hours, read, walk around, watch tv, and Diego can change his work schedule so the afternoons aren't so long. Haha...thats probably not possible, so we'll stick to plan A. Hope to have good job news soon.

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