Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Universo

I'm going to miss Miss Universe tonight,they don't show it in Spain. I know it's not the most PC entertainment, but come on, I'm Venezuelan, and we always win...and I have some very special childhood memories attached to Miss Universe-I learned quite a bit about geography, culture, and language as a result. Anyway, I was looking through preview shots of the national costumes-my favorite part of the competition-here are a few that caught my eye. (I'll include Spain and a shot of miss Venezuela-yes, she's beautiful. Hope she wins!!) See more pics here. Miss Panama-winner of the best national costume.
Miss China
Miss Bolivia-how did they get that hat to the Bahamas?

Miss Spain-she's Galician!

Miss Venezuela-La perla del Caribe


Nancy said...

Well Venezuela won!!! Back to back for the first time I guess... Gorda told me that the end was really funny; ) I just told some of my friends that you learned a lot of geography watching el concurso; )

Emily said...

Yeah, when I saw she won I thought of you, practicing our pageant walks, and picking countries to represent. You were always Venezuela and always won! Ah, memories!

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