Thursday, August 13, 2009

I heart Cuore

What is better in the summer than spending a lazy day at the beach, on the pool, or even on the couch with a juicy gossip magazine? Doing the same with a magazine that is not only funny for the ridiculous stories but more for the ridiculous comment bubbles that adorn each of the parazzabulous "guau" (wow) ar "aarg" (ewww) photos. I'll admit, the first time I bought Cuore, I wasn't impressed-I didn't get the pop-up video quality about it. But, eventually I bought it again...and again...and again. It's become the top of my Spanish summer guily pleasures. Cuore is so great becuase it makes all the stories into jokes. Pictures are filled with comment bubbles detailing what each celebrity or extra in the shot is thinking, and quite frankly, the comments are hilarious-and sometimes terribly rude. The language is also super colloquial-super slang-and I can say that finally after years of writing college papers while watching VH1 specials wondering why I couldn't just get a master's in pop culture commentary- I've found an excuse to validate keeping myself up to date on el cotilleo-gossip- I'm learning real-everyday-street-slang Spanish. Ahhhh, summer delights!

1 comment:

laura said...

yo tambien, hahhaha I heart Cuore!

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