Saturday, August 1, 2009

I caved in...

and went to rebajas today...and it was amazing. Lovely leather sandals, the cutest summer shirts, shorts, leggings, sweater dresses and sleeveless vest...nothing cost more than 9 euros (sandals) the average was 4 euros. wonderful. Zara was round one...Bershka an unexpected round 2. I left my phone at my student's house today so between trips to the portal of the building to buzz their house I took little trips into the mall across the street. :) Only problem now- the family must have left for a vacation- no answers to the many buzzes and many phone calls-and I have no phone numbers to call anyone. Yikes. But it's ok. I took the opportunity to chill out one night alone (D's out at a bachelor party for his boss) and finish watching "On the Road Again in Spain" a perfectly delightful, inspiring way to spend a day and an evening estilo pre-cellphone. And we have class again on Monday, so I'll have the phone back in dos dias.
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