Thursday, November 25, 2010


Not being home for Thanksgiving it's funny the things you miss...
-waking up late to the smells and sounds of mom in the kitchen
-wearing PJs all day and channel surfing between holiday parades all morning
-searching for the deals that we aren't going to get in Black Friday ads(well, we've gone once or twice and man was it worth it! haha)
-eating the second warmed up helping of everything at about 7pm on the couch watching some marathon on cable.
-baked beans all week(my mom's recipe is the best-similar to these dark molasses beans...mmmm)

Miss you Mom and Michelle!! Happy Thanksgiving.


Mickey said...

awwwww! We miss you too. It's not the same without you!

Nancy said...

Miss you too daaaling!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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