Monday, November 8, 2010

Change of plans

Alas...our escape to the country was foiled, and we ended up being in Santiago all weekend (though it wasn't nearly as bad as we had expected-and paid off!). Saturday the Pope came through, high in his Popemobile. He passed by just up the street-so about five minutes before he arrived I headed out and got this picture as he sped by. Then we went to IKEA in A Coruña-as always it was packed packed and we had to wait and wait in lines, but we did end up getting a new living room!! They finally had our sofa (Kivik) and we got a new chair and coffee table! I can't wait to get it all put together and spend an evening on it! Pictures to come. One question have your Ikea experiences been? Do you always have to wait weeks for an item to be in stock? We keep having to go back and forth because a structure is in but the cover isnt, or vice versa. Have you had the same problem?


style-for-style said...

please post photos of all your new stuff!!!!!

Mickey said...

i think that is pretty regular. i've been w stef a couple of times where something she wanted wasn't in. im soo excited for you guys. can't wait to come and spend afternoons watching Patricia on the new sofa! Love the pope pic too!!!

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