Friday, October 22, 2010

Wall space

I've been looking for a way to decorate our over the sofa area-a huge painting would be great and we have out fingers crossed that our friend Meis one day will complete one for us-but until then I've been thinking about a frame collage-the problem being the plaster walls (not fun to put nails into!). But, I think maybe an oversized photo or two may do the trick...much easier to make myself when compared to a painting, fewer nails to put into the walls, and a great way to keep loved ones who are far away close. Oversized family portraits (not the studio kind) have been showing up all over blogland-see some of the best at Little Green Notebook. I think I want to start with this shot of my sister in Northern Michigan-I love her joy!

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Mickey said...

Ahhh! At first I was like wahhh?? and I don't want to be like yeah look at me... But I checked out your link and I think it's a fantastic idea! and it would get "extra points" cuz it totally wasn't posed! Love you to the moon!xoxo

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