Monday, October 25, 2010

Travel plans

Asturias is Galicia's next door neighbor to the northeast. It's supposed to be a landscape similar to Galicia's, very green, mountainous, coastal-but with the difference that it more untouched (Galicia has more villages than all the rest of Spain's villages added up-so pretty much everywhere you look here there is a house, a farm or a tiny village with houses and a church).

Asturias is famous for the Picos de Europa, an incredible mountain range

Oviedo-the city that Woody Allen calls his Spanish home and that the Princess Letizia of Spain comes from
Fabada-a white bean and chorizo stew
Sidra-Cider traditionally poured as pictured.
Fingers crossed that we can take a long weekend road trip to visit in December!

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style-for-style said...

take me with you!!!! Spain on the road again made me want to go here.
and I love cider!!!

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